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Point Guard HR

SMB's are the engine that run's the Canadian economy, but they are at a significant disadvantage when compared to large multi-national firms. 

Our goal since inception was to give the Small-to-Medium sized business owners the resources and tools they need to close that gap. 

The world of HR is very confusing to most people with misguided perception that there is mountains of paperwork, it's boring and full of with mundane grievances and planning parties.


Point Guard HR is a full service HR outsourcing company who works on-site and hand-in-hand with your workforce to complete your operating objectives.

The Visionary
Dante Mancuso 

Long Time Entrepreneur, Dante has always seen opportunities when others could not. Starting his very first company when he was 17 years old, he has come to understand all the frustrations and complexities of being a business owner.

Dante has now seized the opportunity to bring a solid Human Resources Service that builds and maintains key business infrastructures for all SMB's in all industries.

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